The Upside


The Upside (Last Tango)
Armed with a bachelors degree from Dalhousie Law School, Linda Brooks decided to buck her education and pursue a career as both an actor and a singer/songwriter.
The Upside is a bright and breezy country pop album with songs co-written and sung by the New Brunswick-raised artist backed by an impressive stable of Nashville musical stallions.

“What makes Canada’s East Coast a hot spot for home grown musical talent? …Whatever it is, Linda Brooks was also born with the gift… Her third studio album The Upside is a testament to her vocal talent…The Upside is the poster child for “Adult Contemporary Country, thanks largely to producer Chris Leuzinger … I mean, it’s good…the integrity is there… No one can deny that Linda has a serious talent in her own right. “
“A great listening to album and Atlantic Seabreeze gives this album top ratings on its rating list. We can see ECMA nominations for this album.” 

John Gavin